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Hasil Pencarian

Hasil Pencarian

Zhucheng Songyuan Wooden Goods Co., Ltd


Kode Lisensi FSC: 

(harap verifikasi status sertifikasi melalui

Kategori Produk FSC:

W12 Indoor furniture
W12.12 Parts of furniture
W12.13 Shelves
W12.3 Tables
W12.5 Couches and armchairs
W12.6 Chairs and stools
W16 Household articles
W16.3 Tableware, kitchenware and similar
W18 Other manufactured wood products
W18.1 Dowels and turnery parts of wood
W3 Wood in chips or particles
W3.1 Wood chips
W3.3 Wood shavings
W6 Products from planing mill
W6.1 Dimensional timber and lumber, finished
W7 Veneer
W7.1 Peeled veneer

Produk Utama:

plank,component,veneer,plywood,layerglued,wooden furniture

Peran Perusahaan: 

Wood raw material supplier;Manufacturer;Trader;Retailer/ FSC Promotional Licence Holders;

Kategori Keluaran Perusahaan: 

FSC 100%;FSC Recycled;

Alamat Perusahaan:

Town Shiqiaozi

Weifang, Zhucheng


Kontak Perwakilan:





Bingxiao Wang

purchasing manager

86 6479958

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