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खोज के परिणाम

खोज के परिणाम

JAF Global Ltd,.

Công ty TNHH JAF Global Việt Nam

FSC लाइसेंस कोड: 

(कृपया से प्रमाणीकरण स्थिति सत्यापित करें)

FSC उत्पाद श्रेणी:

W1 Rough wood
W1.1 Roundwood (logs)
W1.2 Fuel wood
W1.3 Twigs
W11 Wood for construction
W11.1 Doors and door frames
W11.10 Wooden insulation
W11.11 Window blinds, shutters and similar
W11.12 Houses and building elements
W11.13 Marine constructions, except boats
W11.14 Trusses and roofs
W11.15 Roofing tiles
W11.2 Windows and window frames
W11.3 Stairs
W11.4 Dividers
W11.5 Flooring
W11.6 Gates and garage doors
W11.7 Wall cladding
W11.8 Mouldings
W11.9 Hot tubs and sauna
W12 Indoor furniture
W12.1 Cabinet
W12.11 Kitchen countertops
W13 Outdoor furniture and gardening
W13.1 Garden furniture
W13.2 Trellis and plant support
W13.3 Shelters and parasols
W13.4 Fences, fence stakes, pales
W13.5 Decking and garden sleepers
W13.6 Garden sheds
W13.7 Other outdoor furniture and gardening products
W4 Impregnated/treated wood
W4.1 Impregnated roundwood
W4.2 Impregnated railway sleepers/ties
W4.3 Treated dimensional lumber, timber or plywood
W5 Solid wood (sawn, chipped, sliced or peeled)
W5.1 Flitches and boules
W5.2 Solid wood boards
W5.3 Beams
W5.4 Planks
W5.7 Raw wood for parquet flooring
W5.8 Slabs and edgings
W6 Products from planing mill
W6.1 Dimensional timber and lumber, finished
W6.2 Non-dimensional timber and lumber
W6.3 Boards, finished
W7 Veneer
W7.1 Peeled veneer
W7.2 Sliced veneer
W7.3 Sawn veneer
W7.4 Veneer strips
W8 Wood panels
W8.1 Plywood
W8.2 Particleboard
W8.3 Fibreboard
W9 Engineered wood products
W9.1 Finger jointed wood
W9.10 Compressed wood
W9.11 Wood-plastic composites
W9.2 Laminated veneer lumber (LVL)
W9.3 Parallel strand lumber (PSL)
W9.4 Wood-wool board
W9.5 Solid-wood board
W9.6 Glued laminated timber (GLULAM)
W9.7 I-joists, I-beams
W9.8 Laminated compressed wood
W9.9 Composite board

प्रमुख उत्पाद:

American, European logs, timber

कंपनी की भूमिका 

Wood raw material supplier;Trader;

कंपनी की आउटपुट श्रेणी : 

FSC 100%;

कंपनी का पता :

651-653 Dien Bien Phu

Ho Chi Minh

संपर्क प्रतिनिधि :





Lien Nguyen

Sales Manager

84 2835126924

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