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खोज के परिणाम

खोज के परिणाम

Sourcebynet PTE Ltd.

Sourcebynet PTE Ltd.

FSC लाइसेंस कोड: 

(कृपया से प्रमाणीकरण स्थिति सत्यापित करें)

FSC उत्पाद श्रेणी:

W10 Wood package and similar
W10.1 Solid wood packaging
W10.3 Pallets and skids
W12 Indoor furniture
W12.1 Cabinet
W12.10 Cupboards and chests
W12.11 Kitchen countertops
W12.12 Parts of furniture
W12.13 Shelves
W12.2 Custom furniture
W12.3 Tables
W12.4 Beds
W12.5 Couches and armchairs
W12.6 Chairs and stools
W12.7 Office furniture
W12.8 Institutional casework
W12.9 Wardrobes
W13 Outdoor furniture and gardening
W13.1 Garden furniture
W13.6 Garden sheds

प्रमुख उत्पाद:

Indoor furniture

कंपनी की भूमिका 

Trading and Sourcing;

कंपनी की आउटपुट श्रेणी : 

FSC 100%;FSC Mix;FSC Recycled;

कंपनी का पता :

38 Maxwell Road



संपर्क प्रतिनिधि :





Simon Yeo

Central Quality & Compliance Manager

86 63722448

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