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Tropik Wood Industries Ltd

Tropik Wood Industries Ltd

FSC License code: 

(please verify certification status with

FSC Product Category:

W11 Wood for construction
W11.12 Houses and building elements
W11.13 Marine constructions, except boats
W11.14 Trusses and roofs
W11.5 Flooring
W11.5.3 Plank flooring
W11.5.4 Wood-block flooring
W11.5.5 Engineered flooring
W11.8 Mouldings
W3 Wood in chips or particles
W3.1 Wood chips
W4 Impregnated/treated wood
W4.1 Impregnated roundwood
W4.3 Treated dimensional lumber, timber or plywood
W5 Solid wood (sawn, chipped, sliced or peeled)
W5.1 Flitches and boules
W5.2 Solid wood boards
W5.3 Beams
W5.4 Planks
W5.5 Poles and piles
W5.7 Raw wood for parquet flooring
W5.8 Slabs and edgings
W6 Products from planing mill
W6.1 Dimensional timber and lumber, finished
W6.2 Non-dimensional timber and lumber
W6.3 Boards, finished

Main products:

H3 Treated Sawn Timbers, Woodchips and Treated Pine Post & Poles

Company's Role: 

Saw Miller;

Company's Output Category: 

FSC 100%;

Company's Address:

Vakabuli Village Road
Lautoka, Fiji Islands

Lautoka City


Contact Representative:





Riyaz Nabi

Sales & Marketing Supervisor(Export)

679 6661388

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