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Precious Woods Holding

FSC License code: 

(please verify certification status with

FSC Product Category:

W1 Rough wood
W1.1 Roundwood (logs)
W13 Outdoor furniture and gardening
W13.1 Garden furniture
W13.1.1 Garden tables
W13.1.2 Garden benches
W13.1.3 Garden chairs and stools
W13.5 Decking and garden sleepers
W5 Solid wood (sawn, chipped, sliced or peeled)
W6 Products from planing mill
W6.1 Dimensional timber and lumber, finished
W7 Veneer
W7.1 Peeled veneer

Main products:

Rough sawn , molded products

Company's Role: 

Wood raw material supplier;

Company's Output Category: 

FSC 100%;

Company's Address:

utermüli 6

Zug - Switzerland

Contact Representative:





stephane glannaz

Chief Comercial Officer

65 417261311

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contact us email 780x780-01.png
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