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검색 결과

검색 결과

Perum Perhutani (state owned Forestry)

Perum Perhutani

FSC 라이센스 코드: 

FSC 산출 범주:

W1 Rough wood
W1.1 Roundwood (logs)
W11 Wood for construction
W11.1 Doors and door frames
W11.2 Windows and window frames
W11.5 Flooring
W11.5.2 Parquet flooring
W11.5.3 Plank flooring
W11.5.4 Wood-block flooring
W11.5.5 Engineered flooring
W12 Indoor furniture
W13 Outdoor furniture and gardening
W13.1 Garden furniture
W13.5 Decking and garden sleepers
W13.7 Other outdoor furniture and gardening products
W16 Household articles
W16.3 Tableware, kitchenware and similar
W5 Solid wood (sawn, chipped, sliced or peeled)
W5.2 Solid wood boards
W5.4 Planks
W7 Veneer
W7.2 Sliced veneer
W7.3 Sawn veneer
W9 Engineered wood products
W9.1 Finger jointed wood
W5.5 Poles and piles
W5.6 Railway sleepers/ties, not impregnated
W5.7 Raw wood for parquet flooring
W5.8 Slabs and edgings

주요 제품:

Roundwood, raw sawn timber

회사 역할: 

Wood raw materials supplier;

회사 산출 범주: 

FSC 100%;FSC Mix;FSC Controlled Wood;

회사 주소:

Jl TB Simatupang Number 22

South Jakarta

연락 담당자:





Ade Sugiharto

Department Head of System Development

62 217805730

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